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Increasing demands for speed and reliability in the preparation of e-commerce orders require solutions to match your needs. Pick To Light systems are key to ensuring fast and accurate preparation eliminating costly service errors.

Combination of fixed and mobile system Operators working simultaneously Optimised routes E-Commerce Pick To Light

The solution for e-commerce.

Thanks to the wide range and variety of models, the system adapts to any type and size of product. Devices can be installed both on fixed shelves and on moving units for the preparation of wave picking, usual in e-commerce operations.


Pick to light play video

Intuitive, fast and accurate selection of articles.


Put to light play video

The most efficient system for sorting and distributing orders.


Picking cart play video

Facilitating the operation by minimizing displacements since items can be collected for several orders simultaneously.

Pick To Light in e-commerce

Simplicity, reliability, flexibility

  • Improves productivity

    50% minimum increases.

  • Quality assured

    Drastic reduction in preparation errors.

  • User satisfaction

    Ease of operating the system.

  • Avoids refunds due to errors

    Eliminates reverse logistics.

  • Intuitive system

    Practically no training required.

  • Fast return on investment

    Cost effective.

  • Simplicity, reliability and flexibility



Video Caracteristicas
  • RobustDevice for all types of environment, even frozen. Working temperature range -30ºC/ +50ºC.
  • Quality certificateMade in Japan, without any need for maintenance. Thanks to its high quality, we can offer a 5-year warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • Quick installationQuick and easy installation thanks to the use of a single two-wire cable without polarity.
  • Easy integrationEasy integration with existing IT systems. No software license required.
  • Technical supportFree technical support throughout the project and after-sales.
  • Plug & PickAdapts to any type of existing shelving or structure without the need for additional work.

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