E-Kanban replenishment

E-Kanban replenishment


 Efficiency in inventory management and shelf organization is achieved through the implementation of a pick-to-light system in a container picking application, which is part of the eKanban repositioning and storage. Correct placement and preparation of inventory are crucial for the success of picking activities, making a streamlined storage and replenishment solution indispensable across various sectors.

Warehouses and distribution centers require a methodical approach to shelf inventory to ensure seamless accessibility when fulfilling orders. Additionally, in manufacturing facilities, timely replenishment of parts in assembly stations and kit preparation areas is essential to avoid disruptions.The implementation of "put-to-light" solutions enhances accuracy and efficiency in storage and replenishment tasks, reducing the risks of downtime caused by misplacements or incorrect parts.

Quality plays a vital role, as errors such as incorrect item placement and wrong parts impact productivity. Ensuring proper storage and replenishment is essential to avoid mistakes and maintain quality control.
Light-guided replenishment solutions mitigate the risks of errors, ensuring a constant and accurate supply in work areas. They offer advantages such as reducing unplanned downtime, improving quality by mitigating errors, and cost savings by minimizing recalls and enhancing customer satisfaction.



  1. Our systems help to improve quality and cut delivery times.
  2. They reduce tension in the components supply chain and allow successful adaptation to personalised production and delivery deadlines.
  3. Flexibility and ease-of-use are key in our technology.


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