Operator Guidance System (OGS)

Operator Guidance System (OGS)


The Operator Guidance System (OGS) is a digital solution designed to streamline the assembly of complex and variable products, particularly when automation is challenging. Built upon Pick To Light (PTL) modules commonly used in logistics, the OGS consists of a PC with a screen, PTL modules, and complementary tools like cameras and screwdrivers. The PC displays the assembly process, guiding operators through each step, with PTL module buttons confirming task completion. Notably, recent innovations integrate RFID technology into PTL modules, enhancing error reduction and enabling comprehensive activity tracking.

Industry 4.0, driven by customer demands for speed and customization, has transformed manufacturing, emphasizing the need for advanced logistics systems. While Industry 4.0 aims for increased automation, manual tasks persist in both factories and logistics due to complexity or high automation costs. Digital assistance systems, such as PTL-based OGS, play a crucial role by supporting workers in sensory, ergonomic, and intellectual aspects.

Comparing digital tools like barcode/RFID scanners, voice controls, augmented reality, and PTL in kit preparation, the study reveals that PTL systems are the most efficient in terms of execution time and response. OGS systems, though not performing tasks independently, significantly shorten the learning curve, providing precise information and guidance for operators of varying experience levels. Embracing digital assistance technologies in manual assembly stations enhances efficiency, particularly in the production of diverse and customized models, contributing to a more comfortable and ergonomic work environment.



  1. Our systems help to improve quality and cut delivery times.
  2. They reduce tension in the components supply chain and allow successful adaptation to personalised production and delivery deadlines.
  3. Flexibility and ease-of-use are key in our technology.


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