Just-in-Sequence (JIS) methodology, when paired with Pick-to-Light assistance, forms a powerful strategy for efficiency and punctual performance across various industries. JIS goes beyond Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing, emphasizing the precise sequence of components in the assembly process, reducing excess inventory and minimizing waste.

The core principle of JIS is to synchronize component arrival with the production schedule, streamlining operations, decreasing lead times, and optimizing resource utilization. Benefits include inventory reduction, enhanced flexibility, improved quality control, and cost efficiency.

Pick-to-Light (PTL) technology complements JIS by providing visual and error-proof guidance for picking and assembling components. Lights guide operators to item locations, reducing errors and expediting the process.

The synergy of JIS and Pick-to-Light optimizes production, ensuring components arrive in the right sequence for accurate and efficient picking. This is particularly advantageous in industries with complex assembly processes, like automotive or electronics assembly.

In conclusion, integrating JIS and Pick-to-Light enhances operational efficiency, reducing costs and improving overall product quality. The decision to adopt JIS is strategic, beneficial in scenarios involving complex assembly, customization, lead time reduction, lean manufacturing, quality control, cost efficiency, dynamic markets, supplier collaboration, visibility, traceability, and compliance standards. Evaluating alignment with organizational goals is key to determining the suitability of JIS in a specific business context.



  1. Our systems help to improve quality and cut delivery times.
  2. They reduce tension in the components supply chain and allow successful adaptation to personalised production and delivery deadlines.
  3. Flexibility and ease-of-use are key in our technology.


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