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Halloween, are you logistically, dead or alive?

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Do you remember that year when Santa left you clothes under the tree instead of the toy you asked for?

Actually, it was not because you behaved badly that year. Today we can tell you that it was actually due to a picking error. Yes, your toy ended up under the wrong tree and another girl or boy was able to enjoy it.

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ATE - Visitor Entry System

Alternative to registering personal data on paper in companies, using an App and a Smartcard

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Halloween, are you logistically, dead or alive?

On the lead up to the scariest night of the year, millions of people will be buying everything they need to terrorize the neighbourhood. Zombies, vampires, mummies, witches ... will be spreading terror on the streets.

As with every year, Halloween comes along as a great event for retailers, but the spirit of online commerce (e-commerce) is taking over this great party. More and more people are starting to search for their costume on the Net.

A global consumer event that represents the first peak in online sales within the last quarter of the year, before black Friday, cyber Monday and the Christmas holiday.

Our clients are ready for success in this, the final stretch of the year. Already in the middle of the Halloween campaign we are beginning to receive the first positive feedback from our latest clients. Error rates of which they had only dreamed of before (0% errors), while preparing many more orders (productivity increases of over 50%), thanks to the more than modest investment made in the middle of the year.

The "Pick To Light" solutions are the perfect answer to the complex logistic problem of e-commerce. More than 1000 e-commerce companies are already putting their trust in us. And you, what are you waiting for?

Have a happy and terrifying Halloween!
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