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The perfect KIT

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In ten years, 40% of the packages will be delivered within two hours

At Pick To Light Systems we are ready

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The 30th edition of the BIEMH exhibition, the next stop for Pick To Light Systems

Pick To Light Systems will be an exhibitor at the upcoming 30th edition of the BIEMH (International Machine Tool Exhibition) presenting its Pick To Light systems and the new picking philosophy

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The perfect KIT

Prepare the perfect Kit - Assemble all the components and parts required for the manufacturing and assembly process by creating custom kits efficiently, without error.



The importance of assuming kitting processes as part of the production process will help reduce inefficiencies in your production processes, bringing enormous advantages. 

The Kit necessary for the production and assembly processes is prepared in supermarkets, where all the variants and components needed for final assembly are stored.

Thanks to the Kit To Light solution, supermarkets are equipped with Pick To Light devices, where the grouping of the set of parts required for subsequent JIT (Just In Time) shipment is carried out: at the right time, at the right point and in the right amount successfully.

Kit To Light will optimize the picking times of your manufacturing processes, avoiding inefficiencies and costly stops on production lines.

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