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Put To Wall: the perfect solution for 99% of ECommerce

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The perfect KIT

Prepare the perfect Kit - Assemble all the components and parts required for the manufacturing and assembly process by creating custom kits efficiently, without error.



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Automakers. Are we prepared for an electric future?

Pick To Light Systems with its Kitting, Assembling and Cell production solutions will join those companies

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Put To Wall: the perfect solution for 99% of ECommerce

Unsatisfied customers for not receiving their orders?

The high volume of orders in the E-commerce environment means that errors in order submission are frequent. These errors in order fulfilment imply high operative costs for the business profitability, mainly on Reverse Logistics and New Shipment to satisfy the original order (collection + packaging + shipping). In addition to directly affecting operations, it affects the brand image and the investment costs assigned to attract customers.

Thanks to Put To Wall solutions, we can eliminate these costly mistakes: we can help you reduce costs in a few days and make reverse logistics for picking errors to disappear. This will translate into a desirable ROI and an increase in the company's results.

The Put To Wall solution from Pick To Light Systems adapts to your business at all times, today and tomorrow, thanks to its scalability. The simplicity of the solution gives us:

· A productive increase by over 50%

· Adaptation of the workforce in campaigns with no need for training

· Picking errors disappear. If the item is not related to an order, it will not leave the warehouse

· Drastic reduction of costs associated with reverse logistics

· Inventory control

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