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Let us make simple something so complicated

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ATE - Visitor Entry System

Alternative to registering personal data on paper in companies, using an App and a Smartcard

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The perfect KIT

Prepare the perfect Kit - Assemble all the components and parts required for the manufacturing and assembly process by creating custom kits efficiently, without error.



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Let us make simple something so complicated

Compliance with delivery times, productive efficiency, flexibility to modify orders, support to your customers… do these concepts concern you anyway?

Let us advise you. At Pick to Light Systems we experience the automotive sector very profoundly, and we are aware that it is one of the most dynamic and competitive industries requiring excellent adaptability.

Let us show you the benefits of innovative pick-to-light solutions with the ability to optimize your production processes and reduce costs, thus improving the attention you offer to your customers.

Let us make simple something so complicated.

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