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Back to school!

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Back to school!

It is a time of promises of change, of beginnings.

It is a time to use new books, notebooks, pens...

Every year, going back to school coincides with the best sales period in the publishing sector; a peak workload that must be managed properly and in which the logistics process is not easy. Even if it has been possible to get ahead on production in the previous months, it is now when we have to distribute everything produced in record times.

The customer is increasingly more demanding. We are no longer willing to wait days or weeks to receive our order. And although the notebook and books are the same as always, the logistics process is completely changing.

Thanks to Pick To Light solutions, the logistics of the publishing sector can strengthen its workforce in an economical and flexible way. The intuitiveness of these solutions means that no training is required for new workers.

The new operators hired to cover the peak in orders after the holiday months, are qualified to pick books and notebooks, right from the START. Once again, Pick To Light solutions come to the rescue of the publishing sector.

Pick To Light Systems, your efficiency our guiding light.

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