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Black Friday: an event impossible without logistics

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Interested in learning about the success story we developed for a prestigious ecommerce company in a 3PL environment?

  Here are the three main reasons that will lead to a myriad of benefits:
-ROI < 2 months
-Estimated cost savings over 6 months of €54,000.
-Productivity increase of more than 300%.

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Pick To Light Systems present at the LOGIMAT international trade fair

Pick To Light Systems will present its Pick To Light systems at the 17th edition of the LOGIMAT international trade fair

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Black Friday: an event impossible without logistics

The big sales peak on Black Friday, the major intra-logistics challenge

After the first peak led by Halloween in this final phase of the year comes Black Friday, the second sales peak before Christmas. Unlike Halloween, this major wave affects all types of companies, such as stores selling homewares, textiles, household appliances, pharmacies, vehicles, food, stationery, etc.

According to companies, this Black Friday represents one of the most demanding campaigns in terms of logistics, given that the big discounts offered by our customers lead to significant upturns, especially via e-commerce.

This is a consumer event on an increasingly worldwide scale. Our customers are now ready to make this final stage of the year a success: they are able to fill their orders and deliver on time because they already have over a 50% increase in productivity thanks to the solution that we offer at Pick To Light Systems designed to meet the demands of e-commerce.

Is your company ready for this big challenge?
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