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Sequencing: key in the industry

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In ten years, 40% of the packages will be delivered within two hours

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Sequencing: key in the industry

The importance of sequencing is vital in manufacturing centres. Get the perfect order and eliminate errors thanks to the Sequence To Light solution



Thanks to the technological advances of recent years in the industrial sector, the assembly itself and assembly related processes are getting faster and faster. Therefore, the pre-assembly processes must have the same productivity and flexibility. But how do you supply the right components, at the right time, order and place? JIS (Just In Sequence) and JIT (Just In Time) components.

The synchronized supply of parts for the models produced on the assembly lines is one of the relevant factors.

Pick To Light Systems' Sequence To Light solution optimizes and accelerates the manual selection of parts and components in a sequenced way, eliminating errors in often slow and highly error-prone processes, bringing productivity, flexibility and precision to production plants.

The exact component,

in the exact order,

in the exact place.


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