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Many e-commerce start-ups never get passed their first year of activity

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Many e-commerce start-ups never get passed their first year of activity

Internal logistics, the mainstay of e-commerce

It was in 1984 when Jane Snowball, a 72-year-old English lady, bought eggs, margarine and cereal using a novel British television system called Videotex (link). It was the first electronic commerce operation in history in which there was a transaction between a company and a private individual.

Few imagined then that what we know today as "e-commerce" would have such a significant impact on our lives, and even less that the growth of new purchasing channels would be so overwhelming. Last year, e-commerce's contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the G20 countries exceeded 5% (link).

Even so, there are many e-commerce start-ups that never get passed their first year of activity, since they are not aware of the importance that internal logistics holds in this type of activity. The demands for speed and skill in order picking in electronic commerce are increasing and this picking requires solutions to meet its needs.

Pick To Light solutions are key factors in the e-commerce sector to guarantee fast, automated and exact picking, eliminating expensive reverse logistics and increasing service speed by more than 50%.

Receiving the right package at home in a short time rekindles the users' enthusiasm in e-commerce.

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