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In ten years, 40% of the packages will be delivered within two hours

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In ten years, 40% of the packages will be delivered within two hours

At Pick To Light Systems we are ready

According to the results of the Future of Fulfilment Vision Study, developed by Zebra Technologies, by the year 2023, 78% of logistics companies expect to provide same-day delivery for orders. In addition, according to the study, 40% envisage the delivery of orders within two hours for the year 2028.

According to a third of respondents, the biggest challenge is to reduce back orders, with the objective of achieving fulfilment of omnichannel orders. But nowadays, the reality is that there are a high number of delayed orders.

Although the study has presented optimistic data for the coming years, it has also revealed that 55% of companies still use inefficient processes for picking. This presents a great challenge in the optimization of internal logistics, to achieve the figures revealed by the report by Zebra Technologies.

At Pick To Light Systems we are ready to help companies achieve these numbers by optimizing their internal logistics. Pick To Light solutions are key to adding speed, flexibility and eliminating errors in picking. In Japan, we already have customers who are able to deliver orders within 2 hours thanks to our solutions.

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