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Valentine's Day. How can you satisfy everyone celebrating this special day?

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Do you remember that year when Santa left you clothes under the tree instead of the toy you asked for?

Actually, it was not because you behaved badly that year. Today we can tell you that it was actually due to a picking error. Yes, your toy ended up under the wrong tree and another girl or boy was able to enjoy it.

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Automakers. Are we prepared for an electric future?

Pick To Light Systems with its Kitting, Assembling and Cell production solutions will join those companies

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Valentine's Day. How can you satisfy everyone celebrating this special day?

Thousands of people have already made their order

Florists, chocolatiers, e-retailers... all face the same challenge every year: To fulfil all orders made by everyone celebrating this special day in a short period of time. Internally, it involves managing hundreds and thousands of requests for very few references, which are generated in the weeks before, to be delivered on Valentine's Day.

14th February: Love is in the air and it is a very challenging day. Valentine's Day is a major event for retailers, but e-commerce has become the best "cupid" for everyone who wants to tell that special person they love them on this day. For this, the internal logistics of "cupid" or these companies that help people celebrating Valentine's Day are critical, and it is essential to eliminate errors in order picking and to ensure speed and flexibility.

"Pick To Light" systems are the perfect solution to help these companies in their internal logistics to cope with this large influx of orders from everyone celebrating this special day.
They eliminate errors to avoid disappointment, and they make order picking faster, guiding the operators in an intuitive way.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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