E. Leclerc

E.LECLERC has improved the order picking system process

The company E.Leclerc, has optimized its picking system with the support of Pick To Light Systems and Alvey. The objetive of this project has been the improvement of the productivity of the operations of orders preparation.

Project developed for E. Leclerc

Pick to Light Systems and Alvey have developed a project for E.Leclerc, which works with consumer goods, such as groceries, liquids, consumables …

Picking operations are carried out via Pick To Light and Put To Light systems which are placed on the products positions. This work stations can be used for low and medium rotation products.

Pick To Light and Put To Light system presents the totes of products to the operator that is preparing the order and the system assists the operator to pick and place the products. At this work station, a dozen orders can be prepared at the same time.

This project has carried different benefits, such as, increasing the productivity, the order preparation speed, its quality and the optimization of picking system.