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How can we guarantee maximum efficiency in picking and assembly processes?

Constant acceleration and changes in production processes pose a great challenge to industrial companies, companies immersed in Lean Manufacturing. Therefore, flexibility has become one of the fundamental qualities in any production process.

It is vital to ensure delivery times according to demand fluctuations and to adapt to product variability and customisation. To this end, all components of the picking and assembly processes must be supplied quickly, efficiently and reliably.

At Pick to Light Systems we manufacture paperless picking technology and solutions that enable the optimisation of logistics processes in the production supply chain, from component picking systems to final assembly.

Our picking systems are intuitive and visual and allow us to significantly increase efficiency in production processes by reducing errors to a minimum and in record time.

The Automotive sector takes on great importance in manufacturing, where Pick To Light systems are the ideal ingredient for Lean Manufacturing.

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Why choose Pick To Light solutions?

  • Open protocol with custom software. Compatible with PC and PLC control

  • High-end performance in any industrial environment

  • Innovation to optimise production processes and improve productivity

  • Reduced execution time

  • Just-In-Time (JIT) deliveries due to increase in general performance

  • Cost-effective solutions with a short return period (ROI)

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