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How can we guarantee maximum efficiency in picking processes and inventory management?

Within logistics processes, order picking and sorting put the capacities of any company to the test, making process optimisation fundamental in order to be competitive.

It is vital to ensure delivery times according to demand fluctuations, putting the accuracy of shipments and internal processes to the test. For this, the picking and sorting processes must be carried out quickly, efficiently and reliably.

At Pick to Light Systems we manufacture technology and design paperless picking solutions that enable the optimisation of logistics processes. From basic sorting solutions to solutions that enable order collection and picking at the same time.

Our picking systems are intuitive and visual and allow a significant increase in the efficiency of production processes, reducing errors to a minimum and in record time.

Communication with any warehouse management program on the market allows us to maintain real-time inventory control.

The paradigm shift in consumption generated by e-commerce has led to changes in the way we consume, where Pick To Light systems is the ideal ingredient.

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Why choose Pick To Light solutions?

  • Efficiency:Time reduction in visual, intuitive and hands-freepicking processes

  • Eliminating errors, reducing costs and downtimein order picking

  • Cost-effective solutions with a short return period (ROI)

  • Reduction in inverse logistics due to errors and reduction in costs in their sorting

  • Customisation, the widest range of products and solutions

  • Open protocol with custom software

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