The Russian furniture factory, Maria, now has Pick To Light technology

Production capacity at the Maria factory can now meet our customers' most complex demands.

DMITRY SOLOVEY Head of the Supply Department

Pick to Light Systems has developed a project for Maria, a Russian manufacturer of high quality custom furniture, in order to optimise its picking process.

Project developed for Maria

Maria furniture factory manufactures furniture to order, focusing on each customer's individual needs. Maria's goal was to increase productivity, eliminate unnecessary sub-assemblies, and make work easier for people at the furniture factory. Today, Maria counts on Pick To Light technology for its orders, removing costly errors when picking accessories.

Thanks to the project developed for Maria, three people can now work on a single line at the same time, allowing them to pick accessories for 300 orders. The factory has confirmed the short time it has taken to achieve the desired results.

Pick To Light Systems is currently a leading distributor in digital picking systems and the exclusive European distributor for products of the Japanese leader, AIOI Systems.