Thanks to Pick To Light technology, PMO Log will be able to arrive in time for Christmas

We were convinced by the Pick To Light system because it is easy to install, adaptable and eliminates errors

Bruno Pissarra Technical and IT director

Pick To Light technology and ACSEP WMS, tackle PMO Log's complex challenge: to deliver online orders for Christmas gifts on time, with zero errors or delays.

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Project developed for PMO LOG

The PMO Log distribution centre, located in Combs-la-Ville, has redesigned its e-commerce picking process, the e-commerce of “La Grande Récré”, a company specialising in the sale of toys.

PMO Log now has Pick To Light technology in its warehouse and the ACSEP WMS, with which it has increased its productivity to cope with the high demand of the Christmas period, a crucial period for “La Grande Récré”.

The picking process has been simplified and now offers high productivity ratios. The process consists of prior batch picking, in which it picks all the products to be prepared at a later stage. Once the batch picking is done, the operators then perform a subsequent picking stage. This second stage is divided into two sub-processes: PUT and PICK actions with Pick To Light Systems technology.

All products are classified by Pick To Light devices, performing PUT tasks and once they have been completed, the PICK action can be performed on the other side of the shelf.

Once the toys have been sorted by order, the operators continue with the packaging to be later shipped and placed under the tree in all the houses on Christmas day.

This new technology and redesign of the picking process allows the work to be performed simultaneously, allowing PUT & PICK processes to be coordinated to maximise flows. In addition, the new process brings considerable time savings.