The furniture and decoration sector also committed to the logistics optimization

Portico is a company specialized in the distribution and commercialization of gifts, decoration and furniture articles and in the last years it has focused its efforts on optimizing its logistics, betting on a project at its headquarters in Mos, Vigo, which passes to be a reference in its sector.

Project developed for Portico

Pick To Light Systems has implemented in the company Portico a Put To Light system in the area of orders picking, which is a system that it guarantees a quick and error-free sorting process.

The displays guide visually (Light) the operator to the locations in which he or she have to deposit (Put) the items to complete each order or each picking line.

With this system, Portico is able to complete up to 1,500 lines of picking/hour, increasing production and productivity. This project was developed in collaboration with ULMA, which has been responsible for the complete automation of the warehouse.

This innovative project has allowed the optimization of its distribution to its own network of 100 stores and 6,000 customers in different countries.