Sermail decides to optimise its internal logistics, which is the pillar of its business

Sermail, a leading logistical services provider in Portugal, has determined that it needs to optimise its internal logistics, so that it can provide its customers with a better service and improve its productivity.

Project developed for Sermail

Sermail is currently one of the leading logistical service companies in Portugal, in terms of both logistical and postal distribution. It offers integrated logistical services, with warehouses in the cities of Lisbon and Oporto.

Pick To Light Systems has optimised Sermail’s orders preparation process to improve the service Sermail offers to all its customers. They have developed a project that uses technology based on picking systems, in this optimisation process.

Today, Sermail has 150 Pick To Light devices, which guarantee greater speed and reliability when selecting the items during order preparation. Furthermore, this technology improves the working conditions, as it minimises errors and increases productivity in Sermail’s picking process.