Systeme U

3600 displays allows multi-operator and multi-order processes in the logistic management

The company Systéme U has optimized its picking system in its centre at Les Herbiers, near Nantes (France), supplying its products to a total of 140 points of sale. The objective of this project has been the improvement of the productivity and the quality of the operations performed during its activity.

Project developed for Systeme U

Pick to Light Systems has developed a project for Systéme U, with the objective of improve and optimize the order picking process supported by Ulma Handling Systems, which has equipped the distribution chain with an automatic warehouse.

Picking operations are carried out via Pick To Light systems, wireless displays, which are placed on the products positions. These wireless displays are also placed on the picking carts or pick carts.

The wireless design of the displays allows their use anywhere without the need for cables or fixed mountings. They are fitted instantly anywhere in the warehouse, achieving a maximum flexibility.

This method makes the picking process an intuitive method so the operator does not need to read or write on paper.

The Project of Systéme U includes more tan 3.600 displays in seven different colours to facilitate the operations or activities and the daily work of the operators, allowing multi-operator or multi-order processes simultaneously in a same area of the warehouse. Furthermore, it optimizes the use of the space and enables a put to light classification system.