AW Series

Designed for dynamic production environments


Specially designed for highly dynamic production environments with frequent layout changes, where highly mobile and flexible systems are required.


The AW series modules connect directly to a special cable called "AI-Cable". This is a coated 2-wire cable which is placed between the base and the front of the module. This connects by way of a pin.


Models with sensor to allow the operation to be confirmed without pressing the button.

 Versatility. Adapts to any structure, whether flat or tubular.

Operative temperature: -30ºC / +50ºC.


 DPD module, divided into two parts: The base, which fastens to the shelving, and the front module, which clicks in and secures the AI-Cable.

Configurable function key
Option of alphanumeric display
Models with built-in confirmation stick and/or infrared sensor


Digital inputs with connection to adjustable scope sensors for picking control for pallets and containers.

Metal clamp to secure on tubular shelving.
Front metal protector.


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