MWU Series

More flexible, ergonomic and robust


The MWU series is the improved update of the traditional TW series for picking systems. It has a refined design and it had been equipped with many improvements that makes it more flexible, ergonomic and robust. 


  • Duct without cover to facilitate and simplify the installation process and ensure module mobility.
  • Extraordinary reliability and endurance: over 10,000,000 confirmation button presses.
  • Straight or 30º sloping duct for improved visibility and access.
  • Versatility. Adapts to any structure, whether flat or tubular.



Virtually all the elements in a MWU device are optional, allowing the model best suited to each requirement to be selected.
Main elements:

· Option of 1 to 12 digit alphanumeric display

· Quantity correction keys

· Configurable function key

· Beep

DPD module, divided into two parts: The base or duct, which fastens to the shelving, and the front module, which clicks in and secures the AI-Cable.


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