NW Series

First wireless device


The exclusive wireless design means it can be used in any part of the warehouse without the need for cables or fixed attachments.


It optimises the use of warehouse space, instantly allowing a put-to-light classification system in any location.
It is an easily-transportable, mobile solution which accompanies the order throughout the preparation process.


Mobility: works even during movement.
Long autonomy battery.
Each module runs independently and can be instantly linked to an order by way of a simple barcode reading.
Dimensions: 210 x 62 x 33 mm.
Transmission distance of the antenna: 40 m
Operative temperature: 0ºC / +50ºC
Communication: Ai-Net protocol.



Energy-saving “eP” (electronic paper) display.

Models with scannable barcode in the display.
Configurable function key.
Rechargeable batteries.


Metal fastener for positioning on pallets, carts or cardboard boxes

Battery charger.


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