Brico Prive

Brico Privé; DIY experts, gardening enthusiasts, decoration lovers and impeccable in their logistics

For a logistics professional, Pick To Light technology is the Rolls-Royce of the sector.

CHRISTOPHE POUTIERS Director of Operations

The company Brico Privé is already able to perform online order picking thanks to the technology that Pick To Light Systems has integrated in the company's order picking process.

Discover the installation in this video!

Project developed for Brico Prive

Brico Privé is a company specialising in the DIY, gardening, home and decoration sector, which sells its products online, via e-commerce.

The logistics centre, located in Toulouse, is now equipped with Pick To Light technology to be able to deal with all the online orders received every day at its warehouse.

Thanks to the project developed for Brico Privé, it has increased its productivity, being able to meet delivery times for digital orders, combined with its flexibility and elimination of errors. Brico Privé now has a PUT & PICK to light area, where orders are prepared in a visual way with the option of several operators working simultaneously in the same area.